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Exchange Street formed in late 2011 and has been entertaining audiences all over New England ever since. Its members represent over 50 years in the Barbershop Harmony Society. Several of the members are well known in the Northeastern District, having sung in various medalist quartets at the District level. The quartet formed organically as four members of the Downeasters that enjoyed each other's company.

Something must be working because in October, 2017, Exchange Street won the Northeastern District quartet championship and are thrilled to represent the NED in their championship year!

Bass singer, Mike Soper, has a wealth of barbershop experience, having sung on the international stage numerous times with the Granite Statesman chorus. Also, he has sung in several quartets across New England, most notably with The Nightcrawlers. Mike is the Immediate Past President of the Downeasters as well as Bass Section leader.

Baritone, George Feinberg, also has significant barbershop experience, having sung on the international stage numerous times with the Granite Statesman chorus. He has also sung in several quartets, most notably with Easy Reach, Breakaway and On Air. George helps out the Downeasters Music team with the baritone section and performance, and works as a software engineer for Oracle Corporation during the day.

Tenor, Ryan Norfleet, is the newest to barbershop quartet singing. He has been singing with the Downeasters for almost two years, but also has barbershop experience going back to high school. Ryan is also trying his hand at tenor for the first time, having sung lead for many years. Ryan contributes to the Downeasters in many ways, including the area of Marketing/PR, and works as a Customer Team Leader at Merck & Co.

Lead, Miles Hunt, is also *relatively* new to barbershop, having sung with the Downeasters since 2010.. He has had several prior quartet experiences with Center Ring (2010 Granite and Pine Novice Champion) and most recently, Mac Daddy. Miles is an associate director, handles booking of gigs for the Downeasters, and works as an attorney at Epstein & O'Donovan, in Portland, ME.

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